What is a 9D Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is a useful accessory that protects the phone’s display from scratches, cracks, and chips. Accessory manufacturers use innovative technologies that increase the strength of glass. Even though on the market you can find 9D, 10D, lately even 40D and 100D, we are selling the 9D technology, as we trust it and have been verified over time. Let's drill down what are some benefits of this technology and why should you get one for your phone.

9D Tempered Glass uses a technology that uses special light filters, whose task is to increase the light penetration coefficient. In simple words, the maximum transparency of the glass is ensured. This is necessary for more realistic color reproduction and image quality.

On 9D Tempered Glass, the thickness is reduced. This is necessary to improve the quality of touch transmission and maintain the sensitivity of the screen.

Tiny Tempered glass for increased sensitivity

Screen protectors with the marking 9D are distributed with a hardness index of 9H on the Mohs scale. The technology has a high level of scratch and shock resistance.

9H Tempered glass on Mohs scale

During mounting, no bubbles remain on the display, the image is not distorted. This is achieved thanks to the antistatic membrane of silicon dioxide, which is located in one of the layers.

Easy to install tempered glass
There is also special protection against moisture and dust under the screen protector. Most often, 9D glass repeats the design of the front of the display - frames, connectors for the speaker, camera, touch sensors. Thanks to this to this, the protective accessory is not visible on the mobile device.

Today you can find tempered glass with the label 10D, 11D, 40D, and 100D. But generally, there are no significant differences in strength between 9D and all the other ones. In 90% of all these tags like 11D, 40D, 100D is a marketing move that “justifies” the overpriced accessory.

Click here to find all our 9D tempered glass models, and if you have any other questions, leave them in comments and we will love to answer to you.

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Between 9H and 9D, which is better? Which of them will you advice me to buy?

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